Our story


The story starts in 1956. It was raining: ‘Here we are, two Oxford men living and working at the Cambridge University Mission! Wouldn’t it be great for Oxford, the OICCU, to have a similar venture! There is energy in the ranks of the OICCU to empower such service. And if we could find a place where a residency could be established, then future generations of Christian workers could benefit from the training opportunities….’ (from the ‘OK Story’ – see below)

In the mid 1950’s a group of Christians working in London, former students at Oxford, met to consider and pray about providing services to young people in a deprived area. This group included Crispin (now Lord) Brentford & Tim Dudley-Smith (sometime Bishop of Thetford & President of the Evangelical Alliance) and Andrew Pierssene. The project was promised the continuing support of the Inter-Collegiate Christian Union at Oxford (OICCU).

In 1972, someone wrote an observation of a visit to Club: ‘a wonderful feeling of controlled chaos, kids chasing about at top speed – in the middle of it all, a calm Club Leader’. So it continues today. We continue to sow the seeds of the Gospel and sometimes reap a harvest. Some of the most recent successful outcomes include:

  • 11 young people were sponsored to attend the Christian camp Soul Survivor & by the end of the week, 8 had gone to the front to receive a bible and a pamphlet as new Christians
  • a young person, previously much involved with graffiti, has helped to run our art exhibition, sometimes producing Christian imagery to order. He was this year’s winner of the Girdler’s Award presented by Lord Brentford
  • several young people have obtained places at University to study for example criminology, engineering, business studies, youth work, applied theology
  •  several young people have continued to start new apprenticeship, for example in painting/decorating, plumbing, electrical installation & football