Children’s work

Each week we run three Junior Clubs.    Led by Stuart McTurk, our awesome Children’s Worker, Junior Club is full of fun, energetic activity in a safe environment for children to come after school.

Junior Club is for children in reception (5 years and above) to Year 6, both boy’s and girls. We aim to make our 1 hour and a half sessions fun, safe, welcoming, vibrant, and engaging for all of our children.   We encourage our children to make suggestions to our activities also, and so we love to get feedback from them as often as we can to make our sessions relevant and engaging.

Activities include:

  • Team Games
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Xbox games
  • Table tennis
  • Board games
  • Baking
Come along and find out more!


All of our activities work on the principle of ‘You-Me-Us-Them-Interconnected’, which we do to encourage the children to work together with each other. Everybody’s actions affect each other for better or worse, and we aim to affect each other in some really positive ways. A typical Junior session will start off with a warm welcome on the door as you come in to register with your 50p sub per child. If you are new, a team member will ask the parents to fill out a membership form. We always make an effort to talk too and get to know our children’s parents and guardians during this time, and we particularly like finding out how your child’s day has gone, and catch up on the gossip with them before sending the children into the hall to burn off some after school energy! This is where we play some crazy games like Island race, dodge ball, chain tag, 1-2-3-4, and other games that the children ask us to play.

Our  free time afterwards consists of organised crafts each session, board games, as well as some competitive and friendly gaming on the x-box, where children have to sign up on a verses sheet to play.

Sometimes we have a ”Mr Maker” craft session, where we basically put out a whole load of materials on a table for the children to make whatever they want. It’s great fun, and very creative and imaginative!

We also create space for children to talk with leaders in a safe space.

It’s ok to have a bad day, or a very good day, and we are always on hand to have a chat if they want too.

We actively encourage and work with the children through games, role play, one-one’s and small discussions to respect each other, look after each other, and be themselves. Our team is very international and so it changes each year. This adds an exciting dynamic to our Junior sessions, as it allows the children to meet people from different backgrounds. We encourage our intern’s and volunteers to share there skills and passions with the children if possible, for example teaching a new language,  a new dance,  share something about their belief, learn a new and exciting game in the sports hall,or even make something they have never made before!

Stuart is also able to offer one to one support to primary aged children through mentoring.  Contact Stuart to find out more.