Our mission and values

Our Vision Each and every young person is living life to the full.  They fulfil their potential and are contributing to a thriving local community. Charitable Objects The promotion and encouragement of the Christian faith by applying the capital and income of the company without distinction for or towards all or any of the following purposes:
  1. maintaining activities for children and young people in Kilburn
  2. establishing and maintaining activities for children and young people there or in other places;
  3. providing office and residential accommodation for the wardens club leaders and other workers for the said activities whether full time or part time workers; and
  4. training and instructing persons in the leadership of such activities as aforesaid.
Mission The OK Club will work with young people and their families.  We will work with them to build character and capabilities, as they grow into active and engaged adults.  We will provide opportunities for young people to explore their spirituality and their place in the world, and build positive relationships they can rely on. Our Values In all aspects of what we do we will strive to be
  • Respectful
  • Inclusive
  • Empowering
  • Collaborative
  • Patient
  • Faithful
We are motivated by our Christian Faith.